Community is a foundational aspect of religious life in the Society in and of its ministries. Not only do Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ) live in community, they seek to build community within their respective ministries. Associates center around and grow together in community, whether in regional groups or virtually. Educators and students of the Sacred Heart commit to the building of community as a Christian value, goal 3 of Sacred Heart Education. Partners and collaborators in the mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart participate in community in some way, shape or form.


Welcoming Communities

The United States – Canada Province oversees four welcoming communities, each with various ministry and retreat programming for young adults.

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RSCJ Retirement Communities

Community is a foundational aspect of the Society in ministries and in religious life. Our Religious spend most of their vowed life living in community with other RSCJ. Today, retired RSCJ live in communities from Atherton, California, to Albany, New York, and Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

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