Lucile Mathevon, RSCJ (1793-1876): Friend of the Potawatomi


Biographer and historian of the American frontier, Louise Callan, RSCJ, wrote in 1935: 

And through the whole of this, like a golden thread binding it into unity, runs the character of our greatest Indian missionary nun, Mother Lucile Mathevon - a novice of Mother Duchesne, foundress of the house of St. Charles (1828), and for about 35 years the very heart and soul of the Indian Mission.

This book details the life and ministry of Sister Mathevon, focusing most prominently on her relationship with the Potawatomi.

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Prophetic Witnesses to Joy

A life of consecration prefigures what Christians hope for by calling into question the value of power, sexuality and material possessions. Religious life challenges the idea that these things alone bring happiness and shows that we can be more fulfilled, happier and more whole without being attached to them. Furthermore, detaching ourselves from these desires allows others to live with more dignity and greater ease, as well. Consecrated life, then, is a prophetic witness to the joy of the eschatological call of Christianity.