• This retreat is a preparation for the birth of Jesus. All will accompany Mary and Joseph, who left their land and set out to find a safe place for the birth of their son. Just as they did, today many people leave their lands to seek a safe place (a better life, a life without violence, a life with food, etc.).
  • Since I was a child, I have loved this time of year when darkness descends sooner on our days and the nights are usually crystal clear with some of the most magnificent stars and planets to be seen in the night sky. Those tiny, beautiful glimpses of light amid great darkness speak to me of Advent, of our recounting as a Christian community, once again, Emmanuel, God Is With Us!
  • Advent signifies the arrival of something that has been awaited, especially of something momentous. For Christians everywhere the four-week Advent season specifically calls forth the sense of preparation and anticipation for the birth of Jesus.
  • We stand with our young adults of conscience, courage and intellect in seeking to build the Kingdom of God through actions of awakened truth, action and justice. As Religious of the Sacred Heart we believe social justice movements are the very expression of Christian values as modeled by the life of Jesus.
  • Jerry Tuckwin, photo courtesy of The Leaven/Jay Soldner
    On November 21, 2021, the Sunday following the Feast of Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne on November 18, the Archbishop of Kansas City, Kansas, Joseph Naumann, will honor Potawatomi Elder Jerry Tuckwin with the 2021 Duchesne Award for his three decades of leadership to native youth. This award is given each year to an individual/community who promotes Catholic education, vocations to priesthood and religious life and/or devotion to Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne.